Make it better

This election is about all of us. What we want from our city. How we can contribute. Making our voices heard. You can help.

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Get Involved

You may not be into politics, but that doesn’t mean politics isn’t in you. City Council decisions affect our daily lives, so be a part of electing a representative who you believe in, and who will work hard for you.

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Join Together

Siri’s volunteer team will help get her elected, but will also form a community of individuals committed to introducing a new way of doing things, based on the ideas, talent and passion of the people who call this ward home.
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You do you

Whether you live in Parkdale-High Park or not, there’s something for everyone to do in this campaign. If you like to talk to people, come talk to people. If you’re organized, help organize. Remote or in person, there’s something everyone can do to pitch in.

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