Better solutions

The pain points of city life often come in the form of badly designed online services, barriers to inclusion, and a collective failure of the imagination. As a place to pilot new approaches and ideas, Parkdale-High Park can offer solutions that can make life better across the city.

Online services

A lot of our interactions with the city government are online. It’s how we pay bills, figure out Committee of Adjustment applications, register for vaccines and ask questions of 311. What if we looked at the top online services people in Parkdale-High Park access and pushed for better systems that protect our privacy but improve access and efficiency?

Pop ups and pilots

Temporary programs are a great way to prove something works. The Toronto Public Library piloted loan forgiveness and hotspot lending programs before introducing them as policy. What if we saw Parkdale-High Park as a place to try new things, introduce a little magic and not make everything a zero sum game?

Scaling what works

If you’ve gone to another city, you’ve probably seen things you wish we had in Toronto. The challenges we face are not unique to us or impossible to solve. What if we were more willing to try things that have worked elsewhere? What if the things we tried could be applied city wide, to everyone’s benefit?