Better neighbourhoods

We need to invest in vibrant, liveable communities where neighbourhood retail is thriving, our streetscapes are beautiful, people of all ages have places to play and enjoy themselves, and we take care of one another.

Our strength is local

Focusing on local improvements, possibilities and priorities is a way to bring people together around tangible, short-term progress and demonstrate that government can be a positive force in people’s lives.
Downtown street with cars and shops

Street design

Our ward is home to amazing local retail strips in Parkdale, Roncy, Bloor West and The Junction. What if we introduced lighting and beautification efforts, prioritized public art, worked productively and collaboratively with business owners and better managed construction projects to limit road closures and maintain access as work is done?

Public space

We have great parks and public spaces in this ward. What if we made sure bathrooms were plentiful, open and functional, improved lighting for safety, added seating, designed places for teenagers and older residents to safely hang out and made accessibility, enjoyment and inclusion a core priority of our approach?

Community effort

During Covid, I saw my neighbours bang pots every evening to show their support for health care workers, deliver groceries to their quarantining friends and shop local. What if we continued to funnel that energy and community spirit into other shared priorities? I want people to see their city councillor as someone who will help lead community responses to things like public health emergencies, and rally people around efforts to protect the vulnerable.