Better decisions

From pedestrian safety, to transit and mobility and housing affordability, we can come together to introduce urgent and effective improvements that will benefit everyone. We know what the problems are. We need a better way to solve them.

Housing affordability

There is no one thing that’s going to solve the housing crisis. So how does Parkdale-High Park help introduce more housing options and increase density in the right places in the right way? How do we bring people along so they see development as something positive? How do we ensure construction is well managed and that the availability of services keeps pace with development?
City bus picking people up at a bus stop

Road safety

I live in constant fear of my kids getting hit by a car. We need to do more to reduce traffic fatalities and better manage our streets. Parkside is unsafe, many local roads are funnelling cars through local intersections in a dangerous way, and it’s frustrating to move around whether you’re walking, biking, on the TTC or in a car. There are no excuses for putting lives at risk. We need to implement real changes now.

Public engagement

People shouldn’t feel as though decisions are forced on them. I want the people of Parkdale-High Park to have better information about what’s happening and why, more clarity and input into our priority efforts, and the chance to feel heard and respected. That doesn’t mean you’ll always get what you want, but it means you’ll always know why I take the position I do.