Better approach

This is a great city. But everything could be better and fixing things is hard. That’s the truth. Parkdale-High Park faces the same challenges as almost every neighbourhood and every city. Solving them is complicated, important and requires a different way of doing things. But it can be done.

No more excuses. We need a City Councillor who can work with residents, city staff and their colleagues to bring forward plans people will vote for, not against. And that means knowing how to effectively convene, problem solve and implement.


Siri will work with the people of Parkdale-High Park to make:

Better neighbourhoods

We have great neighbourhoods in this ward and residents who love where they live. But our streets and public spaces are falling behind when it comes to meeting community needs and we know they could give us so much more. 

What if we introduced lighting and beautification efforts, prioritized public art, worked collaboratively with business owners and better managed construction projects to maintain local access as work is done? We shouldn’t have to wonder where we can go to the bathroom in High Park. Teenagers and older residents should have spaces that are safe and enjoyable to meet their friends. And the community spirit we demonstrated during Covid should be applied to taking care of the vulnerable and those who need us most.


Street design

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Business support

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Public washrooms

Better decisions

Like many of my neighbours, I live in constant fear of my kids getting hit by a car. I have younger friends who have no hope of owning a home in Toronto. I know people who won’t return to work simply because of the commute. 

The efforts to address road safety, help people get around and increase a variety of housing options are happening too slowly, and without adequate input and support from residents. No one should ever die on Parkside Drive. Taking the streetcar downtown shouldn’t take an hour, and there are effective ways to increase density and housing options while bringing everyone along.

Safe streets

Smart density

Active transportation

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Public consultation

Better services

A lot of people tell me they don’t pay attention to government. But they sign their kids up for soccer or daycare lists. They are trying to get a Committee of Adjustment approval. And they saw how Covid disproportionately affected racialized and low income communities in Toronto as the result of systemic barriers.

We interact with the city every time we sign up for a program, fill out a form, pay a bill or need some help. And many of these processes are badly designed, hard to use and inaccessible. We need a City Councillor who understands the services people need and knows how to improve the systems on which we all rely.

Online services

Government modernization

Inclusive design

Better representation

As City Councillor, I will work hard for two terms and then make room for a new voice. Term limits will help me work harder, focus on getting things done, and create space for communities to be represented by the right person at the right time.

As Ward 4 Councillor, I’ll work with the community to establish our priorities and our approach. Share your ideas for how to make Parkdale-High Park better.