Council Candidate Siri Agrell partners with Canadian tech companies

Aug 31, 2022

Toronto City Council candidate Siri Agrell is working with Canadian technology companies StoryTap, and Gov’r to connect with voters in a meaningful way in the lead up to the Oct. 24 municipal election.

In May, Agrell announced she would not be campaigning through traditional social media accounts.  Instead, she committed to exploring new digital tools that would help facilitate engagement, create productive discourse and provide meaningful information to voters.

In addition to her focus on face-to-face engagement with Parkdale-High Park residents, including a roster of in-person events, Siri is using:

StoryTap: A Vancouver-based storytelling platform, Siri is using StoryTap to provide video answers to questions submitted directly by residents, and to collect references from those who know her. You can watch her videos here. A video conferencing platform that increases engagement and strengthens culture, founded by Jason Goldlist of TechTO, Siri will be hosting two virtual town halls via Venue, on Sept. 25 and Oct 20.

Gov’r: A Toronto-based mobile app that makes it easy for citizens to find all their elected representatives, stay informed about what they’re up to and ask their reps questions. Throughout the campaign, Siri will be participating in Gov’r Town Hall, a partnership with local advocacy organizations to gather candidate responses on key issues, via short videos.

“As public representatives and as voters, we need to rethink how we talk to one another,” said Agrell. “As a candidate and a City Councilor, I want to use digital tools that will help keep residents informed and allow for a productive exchange of ideas and insights.”

“As the world shifts from reading to watching, StoryTap was created so brands could produce authentic, real-time video answers and stories with their own online community. Siri is the first candidate for public office using StoryTap in this way!” Bernadette Butler, CEO & Co-founder, StoryTap.

“Venue helps business leaders drive more engagement and participation at large remote meetings like Town Halls. So it’s no surprise to see Siri take this concept and use it to connect with her community. I hope this encourages more public officials to think creatively about how they engage with their communities online.” Jason Goldlist, founder Venue. 

“I’m happy to see Siri using Gov’r to provide voters with real insight into her thinking on a variety of issues brought forward by Toronto advocacy organizations. Gov’r was created so people could type in their postal code and find information about all their local representatives in one place. I hope these videos help more people feel informed going into this fall’s election,” Ryan Dochuk, founder Gov’r.