Why I Won’t be Using Social Media

May 10, 2022

Let’s actually connect.

As City Councillor for Parkdale-High Park, I want residents to understand what I’m trying to do and why. I want to share information about the challenges our neighbourhoods face and let you know the options for solving them.

Maybe you want to know that I’ll work hard, listen, and understand your priorities, concerns and ideas.

So how do we get to know each other and have these conversations in an open, respectful and productive way?

As I launch my campaign for City Council, it’s clear that major social media platforms are not where these productive exchanges of ideas occur, and not the best use of time for a public servant.

As a candidate and a councillor, I will not be using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and will keep my Instagram private, so my parents can still see pictures of my kids.

I want to engage with the people of Parkdale-High Park differently and to talk to you rather than just Tweeting at you. 

It is well documented that social media has subjected many people to intense hatred and abuse. 

Over the past couple of years, we’ve also seen the way these platforms contribute to much wider harm. They’re bad for our kids, drive polarization, undermine our mental health and shake the core of democratic institutions.

And, frankly, when it comes to politics, I just don’t think it’s the best way to engage. There are more productive and rewarding ways to communicate with Parkdale-High Park residents, and our issues are too complex and important to summarize in 140 characters.

During this campaign, I will be focusing on face-to-face interactions, hosting events and weekly “Ask Siri” sessions at local businesses around the ward. I’ll be available through regular video calls, so people can get to know me from the safety and convenience of their own homes. I’ll be hosting events on specific topics, and hope you’ll have me over with ten of your friends and neighbours, so we can get to know each other.

And this morning I launched my full website, which I’ll be using along with other digital tools to keep people informed, engaged and up to date on the election. You can sign up for updates, volunteer to help, donate if you’re able and send me your ideas and priorities for your neighbourhood.

I think we all want Parkdale-High Park to be a model for how the community comes together and introduces real change. So let’s change how we talk to one another first. I look forward to connecting with you in real life.