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Parkdale-High Park  |  Ward 4

Vote Siri Agrell for City Council
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Siri walking through a park with her child

It matters how cities are run

We’ve all felt it over the last two years: local government affects our health, our happiness, the way we move around, how and if we can pay our bills, whether people can afford to live here and if our local stores can survive. It affects our safety, the way we treat each other, the fun we can have, whose voices are heard and whose needs are prioritized.

Parkdale-High Park needs a city councillor who can actually make things better, working with people to bring about urgent, positive change.

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Meet Siri

I’m a problem solver and a city person raising my kids in Parkdale-High Park. I have worked for the Premier of Ontario, The Mayor of Toronto, as a journalist and in the technology sector, meaning I understand how to lead and effect change inside and outside City Hall. A strong, progressive and pragmatic voice, I love my neighbourhood and Toronto. And I know that motivated, caring people can come together to demonstrate real progress on our shared challenges.

Government experience

Knows City Hall.

Proven leadership

Public and private sector success.

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Progressive problem solver

There’s always a way.

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Campaign Launch on May 10!

Location: The Commoner, Dundas West.

Date: May 10, 2022

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Come and learn more about Siri, share your ideas for Parkdale-High Park, volunteer to help and meet other people who care about the neighbourhood and the city at this campaign kick off and fundraiser. With special musical guests!

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