It seems crass, right? But your financial contributions pay for materials that will help inform voters, equip my volunteers and help me focus on bringing better representation to Parkdale-High Park and City Council.


The names of everyone who contributes more than $25 are also publicly disclosed, as per the election rules. You will receive a confirmation email of your contribution upon completion of the form.

Rebate Amounts

$25 – No rebate
$100 – $75 rebate
$300 – $225 rebate
$500 – $325 rebate
$1,200 – $641.67 rebate

How the money works

  • City Council candidates have strict limits of what they can spend on their campaigns, calculated with a formula related to the number of eligible voters in their Ward. In Ward 4, my spending limit is calculated to be about $74,000.
  • Contributions will be used between now and Oct. 24 to pay for things like printed handouts, lawn signs, and office space towards the end of the campaign where volunteers can gather and get organized. Everything we spend money on is disclosed in financial filings after the election, and is made available to the public.
  • Only individuals who live in Ontario can contribute to candidates in Toronto (meaning no companies or groups). The maximum you can give me is $1,200, and that includes contributions, the value of contributed goods or services, and money spent on a t-shirt. So if you want to buy a t-shirt, don’t give the max. 😉

Contribute $1,200, get $641 back!

  • The nice (maybe weird?) thing about political contributions is that you will get some money back. All contributions greater than $25 are eligible for a municipal rebate, which you should receive in early 2024. Yes, that’s a long time. Government, am I right? 
  • There’s also a maximum you can contribute within Toronto. So if you wanted to give me money as well as two other council candidates, your total donations could not exceed $5,000. But that would be really good of you. We will make sure you receive all the information you need to file for this rebate
  • For a $1,200 contribution, the rebate is $641.67. Rebates are calculated based on your total contributions to all municipal council candidates during this election. More information including a full schedule of rebates can be found here.

To donate by cheque please contact